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Protective Restraining Orders

Last updated on August 18, 2022

In family law, filing a restraining order is meant to protect an individual from an abusive partner, whether a spouse or an intimate partner. The order can be a temporary emergency order that lasts for a few days or a permanent order that prohibits contact for much longer period. An order for protection is a serious court order and can have long lasting repercussions.

Guidance For Petitioners

As a certified family law specialist, attorney Tamera Trindade understands the seriousness of restraining orders and the protection that they can provide to victims of domestic abuse that petition the court. She is experienced in guiding Shasta County residents through the petitioning process and representing them in any other family law matters such as marriage dissolution and division of assets.

Knowledge For Respondents

If a restraining order has been filed against you, it is vital to act quickly so that you can minimize the impact this order has on your life. Domestic violence restraining orders entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) can be valid for up to five years and may affect:

  • Your right to possess a gun
  • Access to your children
  • Employment opportunities in law enforcement or private security

A CLETS order is a legal sanction that:

  • Shows up on a background check
  • Will get you arrested if you violate the order
  • May necessitate random drug tests

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